Safe and Smart City

With the potential of needing to handle virtually any type of threat and event, having complete situational awareness and advanced situation management is the smart and effective path to ensuring quality of city life. Safe city is a plan to enhance public security and welfare by deploying network security systems across several entities in a society to optimise the necessary response from detection to action.
As populations are increasingly moving to urban environments, maintaining safety and security is more important than ever.


SCS Tech is committed to working towards making cities safe and smart. We do this by innovating and delivering end to end technological solutions for:
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Smart Technology
  • Smart Governance
  • Smart Citizens

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help in building new use cases automatically without external programming. This enables the surveillance, security regime, energy management, and waste management to become more proactive. An efficient framework comprising of state-of-the-art technology is extremely effective in tackling various challenges faced by businesses.


The biggest factor driving the industry growth has been the recent innovations in network offerings, surveillance, and security. An added advantage of network cameras comes through sophisticated technology such as video analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning helps in building new use cases automatically without external programming. This enables the surveillance and security regime to become more effective, proactive and efficient. An efficient state-of-the-art security framework can be pivotal in driving our economy as a whole towards greater stability and growth.
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