Cyber Security

With multiple interconnected devices and a huge amount of data, the need for Cyber and Data security has reached high levels like never before in the history of the internet era. There are even more avenues which are available to an attacker to disrupt an organization. The world is moving away from physical warfare and now moving towards digital warfare

Customers in Government and Private Sector

For a large scale government/ private enterprise operational, IT cyber security is the foundation of digital business and innovation. We help manage highly-secure IT infrastructure within TAT pre-defined and actionable incident response. This is done to achieve SLA at par with international competitive norms as per industry strict compliance requirements. Given the increasing threat of data compromise from malicious actors, maintaining a secure environment is mission-critical.


Delivering for large scale government/ private enterprise operational IT Cyber Security proposition while considering relevant threat perspective, Big Data Analytics, Network Forensics with future projections within an organisation critical IT infrastructure, deploy and commission as Managed Security Services for countering timely actionable, real-time Incident Management & Response, Security Monitoring for ensuring Controls, Standards, Security Policies with governance by reinstating the CIA Triad principals using SOC, DLP, ETP, CCS, Analytics, Vulnerability Management, complimenting Gap Assessment, reporting of Procedural controls of Mandates, Frameworks, regulations like ISO 27001, ITIL, COBIT, COSO,etc.

Our Expertise

We have the expertise and products to help you design, build and run a comprehensive security solution that’s optimized to meet your specific requirements. Beyond prevention, you need swift breach detection and remediation to minimize the time criminals spend in your environment and the harm they can cause.

As a leading Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), we not only offer monitoring and detection services but round-the-clock rapid response and remediation services.

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